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         India sourcing service program offer and save money 10%to 40%


Dear Sir,

As a valued customer of India .we couldn’t wait to share the good news. This letter is to announce our new 100% beneficial sourcing service program for you.

1.     We are working as buying buying agent, sourcing agent, quality check since last 10 year.

2.     We promised you provide the lowest price of your item you want to buy from India.

3.     You can compare our price list with yours.

We need your   Information Requirement, Product Name, Specification,( image, size, your buying price, and quality specifications) Product Standard Required - Quantity Desired - Target Price
- Lead Time

4.     After my sourcing we will send you our bottom price of the same item you want.

Then if you like our price then we are ready to serve you. 

At present we are holding quality export stock (EXCESS AND SUR PLUS STOCK)         



We are quality checker since last 10 years.  We check quality of the goods deeply.  So if you have any order & you want us to check the quality of the goods you are buying.  We will check & find defects.  On the basis of those defects you can tell him (your supplier) to return the goods or allow discount up to 10% to 40%.  




Soham buying house (india)



The Company:  soham buying house (india) , based in  india

 Passion: Help its clients understand the ever-changing global market & realize their business needs!

Landmark: Our association with over a 100 suppliers dealing in various specialized products!

all production units are geared to run on AQL 2.5, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money
   Product sourcing from (India)                                                                                        Our buying Agent service

Since2000 soham buying house has been committed to the development

And production of Indian products.

  We can meet the requirement of retailers, wholesalers, interior designer, hoteliers,

Cheritable trusts and private buyers our history is grounded in selling products          `                                                                         

Through international trade show exhibitions.

 Local suppliers and some buying agents Often have little or no “benchmarks” of the requirements needed to insure that good quality products meet international standards. The management at soham buying house has experience from inside of these global markets.

Understanding your needs 

  Aesthetic appreciation can vary greatly between customer or country, our experience has gained us an understanding of how to place ourselves inside the needs of each buyers requirements, this is important especially at the final quality control level of each buyer’s requirements.  . 

  If the design does not fit its purpose or if it's the wrong specification, paint finish or even the wrong electrical plug fitting, consequently we check everything before shipping. With over twenty years of experience our superior quality service means a superior quality product        

  The Buying itinerary

 Time saving.

As your buying Agent we can save your time.

Our experienced sourcing team will transport you directly to all the principal .Manufacturing locations.

Product   locations…

We currently deal with over 500 suppliers and are familiar with all aspects of local manufacturing, including raw materials, competitive pricing and production time frames. Our introduction itinerary enables you to easily source and develop new products within a matter of days.

Lets us do the legwork…

Most products, materials depending, can take anything from one to six weeks to complete. Select the products you require and leave us to do the ordering, the quality controlling and final payment to suppliers You are then free to return to your base to deal with the running of your business.

            Visiting Jodhpur & all over India for the first time…

  1.Getting around Jodhpur &(India) for the 1st time can be both an exciting and daunting experience.            A new visitor to Jodhpur for example will have little knowledge regarding the location of suppliers or even the local pricing systems, Suppliers are often situated in remote areas.

   Getting you to the suppliers…

2.We at soham buying house can "fast track" you to new products quickly. We have a vast experience with suppliers and we also know the good from the bad.

3. With our knowledge of products, their components and prices we can offer assistance and advice at every stage of the buying process. Basically we see our selves as a group of individuals with experience and the "know how" to help you to get the job done.






We source the following products for you, as per your requirements....


1.     Home furnishings

2.     ¤ Handicrafts

3.     ¤ Gift and Accessories

4.     ¤ Jewelry

5.     ¤ Christmas Decorations

Fashion Jewellery - Necklace, Bangles, Earrings, etc - in Glass Beads, MOP, Bone, Horn.
Home Textiles - Cushion Cover, Curtain, Placemat, Made-ups, etc
Garments - Ladies & Gents Dresses in Rayon, Moss Crepe, Georgette, etc.
Furniture - Cabinets, Coat Hooks, Wine Bottle Stands in wood, Iron etc.
Smokers Requirements - Pipes / Cigar Stands, Tobacco Jars, Cigarette Filters, Cigarette Rolling Paper, etc.
Beads - in bone, horn, wood, glass, shell, etc.
Garden Tools / Accessories- in Aluminum, Galvanized Iron.
Boxes - Bone, Wood, Metal, Fabric Mediums for Cigarettes / Cigars, Jewellery, Trinket, etc.
Photo / Mirror Frames - in Metal, Wood, Bone, Paper with dry flowers, Fabric.
Vases - Glass, Metal.
Planters - Brass, Galvanized Sheet, Pottery.
Lamps and Shades - for Table or Floor in Metal, Wood etc.
Candle Stands - Metal, Wood, Stone, Glass, Iron for Table.
Bags and Pouches - Fabric. Leather, Jute, Silk, Tissue. Wine / Christmas / Promotional Bags, 
Wind Chimes - Metal, Wood, etc.
Floor Coverings - Carpets in silk, wool, cotton.
Christmas Decorations - In Zari, Glass, Metal, Bead etc.
Tassels - Bead, Jute, Glass, Cotton, Rayon, Viscose, Metallic, Acrylic.
Figurines - Statues, Animals and Utility articles like Book ends, Step Stones in Iron Brass, Nautical Precision Articles.
Christmas Cards - paper with dry flower embedding.
Napkin Rings - in Wood, Metal, Horn, Bead.
Belts Accessories - Wood, Shell, Horn , Bone Metal, etc.
Aluminium Ware - Bath Accessories, Ashtray, etc.

  Antique furniture, reprodaction furniture, interiors and decorative accessories, hardware and building materials, fashion and garments, food product, CARPET, HOME FURNISHING, GARMENT, and PERFUMARY.  




Vendor Evaluation
Providing unmatched quality products at the most economical price that suit your requirement just perfectly, is a paramount consideration for
soham buying house (india)  . To achieve this end, the company undertakes a rigorous vendor evaluation while sourcing its merchandise from various sources.

Product development
Being well conversant with Indian market, we help you reach the exact source to develop your designs. All trade related aspects such as handling samples, approvals, purchase orders etc are efficiently taken care of. We shall keep you acquainted with the latest range of products that meet your specifications.

Merchandising and Order follow up
Thanks to our close ties with various factories and traders, our experienced liaison makes it a priority to track your orders efficiently, on a timely basis and consequently, keep you abreast with the status of your orders.

Quality Control
Quality is the hallmark of soham buying house (india)   hence the in-house inspectors undertake on-line inspections of the merchandise right from the time the goods are selected till the final packing.
Customer Care
We provide office and other necessary resources to our clients, when they come to India on a business trip and endeavor to make their stay comfortable and fruitful.

Once at  
soham buying house (india)  we can rest assure you have arrived at the right place if you are looking for:
 F  SOURCING FABRICS: Having extensive network of fabric supply from   India, Heritage controls quality of all fabric inputs and coordinates timing of their procurement and imports and its timely delivery at garment manufacturing units.

Fabrics are tested for colour fastness, fabric strength, flammability or any other parameters set by buyers to ensure product satisfaction. Most commonly used fabrics include denims, twills, cotton and poly/nylon/viscose blends; yarn dyed plaids, stripes, dobbies, jaquards, herring bones, moss crepes, spandex yarndyes, poly micro fibres, poly micro mesh, knit piques, interlocks, thermals, jaquards, french terrys, fleece, ribs, double mercerised etc.etc

 Soham buying house (india) Inspection use well-proven and widely adopted international standard MIL STD 105E, which is equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859, NF06-022, BS6001, DIN40080, GB2828, to inspect a randomly selected number of products. As illustrated below:

Questing for comprehensive and objective
information about your supplier or production
factory? Want to monitor the status of your order
and make sure the products meet your quality
criteria before each shipment?
Talk to us about your requirements! Our
inspection experts can help you with independent,
efficient and reliable service in a wide range of
quality assurance and inspection fields.

    Order form


Order Form






General information



Quality Inspection type:*




PO/PI Number:



Product Name:*






Expected inspection date:*



Expected shipment date:*


Your Information




Company name:*



Customer name:*



Mailing Address:*











Supplier Information:




Supplier Name:*






Contact person:*






Mobile phone:








Product information




Please describe the main features to be inspected:



Packing method:



Front carton mark



Side carton mark:


Sampling Method





AQL: Critical   Major       Minor


Non-Standard Please Indicate Method:


Please send approved samples to our india Office directly:
Ms. Soham Sharma

Kamla nahru nagar district shopping center plot no A-1 jodhpur rajasthan india



Initial production check

Initial Production Check (IPC) is the inspection of products as available at the beginning of the production against your instructions and Purchase Order specifications. The inspection focuses mainly on the quality of the parts, components, molds and production process, which allows an early detection of defective components as well as timely corrections if needed.

During production check


During Production Check (DUPRO) is the inspection of products as available during production. The inspection randomly checks the raw material, parts and components, semi-manufactured goods, final products to give recommendations on-site, so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production phase.

 Final random inspection  


Final Random Inspection (FRI) is the detailed inspection of goods when at least 80% of the goods ordered are export packed. Using well-proven international standard (default MIL-STD-105E) with predefined inspection level (default level II) and AQL (default 0/2.5/4.0), we randomly pick up the samples, check product quality to ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit.

Loading supervision   

Loading Supervision (LS) is to ensure that the products, which have been inspected, are actually those being shipped with respect to quantity, quality, trademark, markings, etc. Samples are selected and inspected at random. The containers are inspected for suitability and cleanliness and also that the products are proper packed and loaded into the container

order report

Inspection Order
Our representative will contact you after you submit the order form by e-mail . The desired inspection will start as soon as you confirm the order.

Inspection Report
Within 12 hours after the inspection is completed, you will receive the inspection report in by email. The report contains detailed information about our inspection result including the product's quantity, quality as well as vivid digital pictures. Please see a sample report

quility standard

soham buying house (india ) Inspection use well-proven and widely adopted international standard MIL STD 105E, which is equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859, NF06-022, BS6001, DIN40080, GB2828, to inspect a randomly selected number of products. As illustrated below:
¡¡ Table1


As default,  soham buying house (india)  Inspection uses general inspection level II, special inspection level S1, Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 0/2.5/4.0 of critical, major, minor defect.

For example, we have a lot of 4,000 units to inspect. According to table 1, "L" is right sample size code for general inspection level II. Therefore in table 2, we pick "200" as L's corresponding sample size. So the allowed maximum number of defective unit is as follows:
Critical Defect 0; Major Defect 10; Minor Defect: 14.

In other words, if the number of critical defective units is more than 0, or major defective units is more than 10, or minor defective units is more than 14, the lot has to be rejected.
 Defect classification

¡¤ Critical defect
The "Critical Defect" corresponds to a defect likely to result in unsafe conditions for end-users or specifically requested by customers.

¡¤ Major defect
The "Major Defect" corresponds to a defect at the function, or to reduce the usability of the unit of product for its intended purpose.

¡¤ Minor defect
The "Minor Defect" corresponds to a defect that is not likely to reduce the usability of the unit of product for its intended purpose, or is a departure from established standards having little bearing on the effective use or operation of the unit.

  about us

 soham buying house (india) Inspection is highly specialized in providing inspection
service to  india mainland suppliers. Our inspection team has
accumulated expertise in a broad list of product categories:
wood working machinery, electric tools, electric motor, hardware

tools, case & bag, textiles, toy and household electric appliances, etc.

 soham buying house  Inspection  india Office is located in  jodhpur, a prosperous metropolitan area of  india
coast  india. Our highly professional and experienced team provides independent, efficient and reliable inspection service in most major cities along the soham buying house (india) of india, such as Delhi, Bombay, etc.

why choose us


Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and
committed to providing
you the most complete
and professional inspection service


We are ready to response in 24hrs after you place an order. An accurate report will be reaching you rapidly in 12hrs when the inspection is completed.

  low cost

We offer a fixed rate of 228 USD per man/day (all included) for standard inspection.

Visual inspections are carried out at the supplier's premises to check that quality, quantity, and packaging conform to specifications and type samples.

The ANSI/AAQC Z1.4-1993 (former MIL-STD-105E) statistical sampling procedure, or a similar standard, is normally used. A complete pre-

Shipment inspection program consists of:

Pre-Production Checks (PPC)
Material, components, labels, user manual, etc. are checked before processing in order to reduce the risk that insufficient or substandard supplier available
jeopardizes production.

Initial Production Check (IPC)
IPC is a service that enables to ascertain conformity to basic product specification. The inspection minimum requirement is that at least 10% of the articles have been produced.

During Production Check (DUPRO)
DUPRO is a service that enables to ascertain the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to check the average workmanship quality. The inspection minimum requirement is that at least 30% to 50% of the articles have been produced.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)
FRI is a service that enables to ascertain the quality, quantity, and packaging of the purchase order. The inspection minimum requirements are that 100% of the articles have been produced and at least 80% of the articles in finally packed.

Loading Supervision (L/S)
This intervention can be added to ensure that the goods checked at the Final Random Inspection are those being shipped. Containers are inspected for cleanliness and suitability, and also to ensure that the lot being shipped is suitably packed and in its entirety. Finally, containers are secured with seals after loading.

Too often, consignments which failed the first inspection, but passed re-inspection, remain of unsatisfactory quality and lead to complains. It is therefore crucial to check specifically whether manufactures have actually improved / resorted the consignment after the initial failed inspection.


We provide Quality Control, Factory Audit, Assembly& Packaging, Sourcing, Warehouse, Trading Agent services in india  
We are your Partner, Eye, Firewall in  india, and our price is reasonable.


 Ecommerce support via internet, such as Translation; Graph/Flash Design; Website Creation; Multimedia CD-Rom Development; Shopping Website etc.
The Price is half of your side.


We use well-proven and widely adopted international standard MIL-STD-105E, which is equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859, NF06-022, BS6001, DIN40080, GB2828, to inspect a randomly selected number of products. As illustrated below

table 1

table 2


As default, we uses general inspection level II, special inspection level S1, Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 0/2.5/4.0 of critical, major, minor defect.

For example, we have a lot of 12000 units to inspect. According to table 1, "M" is right sample size code for general inspection level II. Therefore in table 2, we pick "315" as M's corresponding sample size. So the allowed maximum number of defective unit is as follows:
Critical Defect 0; Major Defect 14; Minor Defect: 21.

In other words, if the number of critical defective units is more than 0, or major defective units is more than 14, or minor defective units is more than 21, the lot has to be rejected.


How to choice Level I, Level II, or Level III?

Generally,Level II is used for consumer products, but if you think the product is expensive and need check more samples, you can choice Level III, otherwise you can choice Level I.

How to choice AQL 2.5, 4.0 or others?

Generally, 0 for Critical,2.5 for Major, 4.0 for Minor. But if you think the product is expensive and should be checked strictly, you can choice 1.5 or smaller number for Major and Minor, otherwise, you can choice bigger number. The smaller, the stricter.


Example for Inspection Report

To :


Fax/E-mail :


Attn :




From :

K  Z

Fax/E-mail :


Betop File No :




Supplier : T    Factory

Manufacturer : T  Handbag Factory

Product description : Handbag

P.O. Number : Nil

Style : TC-00109

Service Performed : FRI Inspection Date : Sep 24, 2003

Inspection Location :  india


[ ]By Principal

[ x ]By Supplier

[ ]By Manufacturer

[ ]Not Available





[ ] Conformed

[ x ]Not Conformed

[ ]Subject to Client¡¯s Decision

INSPECTION SUMMARY: (in comparison to principal¡¯s instructions and reference sample, as available)

1. Quantity :

[ x]Conformed

[ ]Not conformed

[ ]Subject to client's evaluation

2. Style, Material, Color :

[ ]Conformed

[ ]Not conformed

[ x ]Subject to client's evaluation

3. Workmanship


[ ]Conformed

[x]Not conformed

[ ]Subject to client's evaluation

4. Packing

[ x ]Conformed

[ ]Not conformed

[ ]Subject to client's evaluation

5. Marking/ Label

[ x ]Conformed

[ ]Not conformed

[ ]Subject to client's evaluation

6. Data Measurement /

Field Tests

[ x ]Conformed

[ ]Not conformed

[ ]Subject to client's evaluation


- Found about 10% bag surface with some pressmark, not seriously. We consider

it can be accepted.


ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993, Single sampling plans for normal inspection Level II

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for: Critical: 0 Major: 2.5 Minor: 4.0

Sample size inspected: 200pcs

Samples selected from carton numbers: 396, 287, 264, 350, 321, 209,217, 180,

175, 343, 273, 292, 143, 128, 105, 73, 98, 47, 18, 29


Style/ Item /Article

P.O. No.

Order Qty.

Inspection Qty.


Number of Cartons



Not packed


Not packed























2.1 Style conformity: [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not Conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. Sample.

2.2 Material conformity:[x ]Conformed [ ]Not Conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. Sample.

2.3 Color conformity: [ ]Conformed [ ]Not Conformed [x ]Subject to client's evaluation

-- Found the bulk goods are slightly darker than ref. Sample. But can be accepted.


Defect description




Pulling yarn on EMB (0.5-1.5cm)




Dirt stain on shell/lining (0.5-1cm)




Oil stain on lining (1cm)




Zipper not run smoothly on inside pocket




Broken stitches on opening/magic tape (3-5st.)




Pulling yarn on lining (3cm)




Skipped stitches on pocket opening (2-5st.)




Open seam on bottom (1cm)




Long untrimmed thread end (4-6cm)




Scratches on surface (2cm)












Total defectives:




Maximum allowed:




Request AQL Critical defective maximum allowed: 0 [x ] Within AQL [ ] Beyond AQL

Major defective maximum allowed: 10 [ ] Within AQL [ x] Beyond AQL

Minor defective maximum allowed: 14 [ x] Within AQL [ ] Beyond AQL

Manufacturer's Signature / Position: Inspector's Signature:

Mr. Liu Kevin


4.1 Individual Packing conformity [x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

-Each piece in flat packed with tissue paper then into an individual polybag sealed by tapes



4.2 Inner packing conformity [x]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- 15 pieces solid color, solid size per export carton.

- 1 small pack of silica gel inserted into individual bag.

- 15 polybags ( i.e. 15 pieces) per export carton.

- Two cardboard placed on top and bottom of export carton.


4.3 Export packing conformity [x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- 3 ply corrugated cardboard carton.

-Sealed by gummed tapes.

-Sealed by 2 nylon bands


4.4 Packing assortment:

Checked on 20 cartons [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed

Carton No.

Size / style


Deviation(+/- samples














5.1 Shipping mark conformity [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to your instruction.

5.2 Side mark conformity [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to your instruction.

5.3 Main label: [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. sample

5.4 Care/composition label: [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. sample

5.5 Size label [ ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Nil

5.6 Country origin label [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. sample

5.7 Hangtag [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. sample

5.8 Polybag printing/ label [ x ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Conform to ref. sample

5.9 Inner box printing/label [ ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Nil

5.10 Other label: [ ]Conformed [ ]Not conformed [ ]Subject to client's evaluation

- Nil


6.1 Size measurement on 20 sub-samples [ x ]within

Measurement points



Ref. sample


























6.2 Weight check on sub-sample: Nil









Weight (oz/mgper sample)
















6.3 Thickness check on 3 sub-sample: [ x ] within [ ] beyond tolerance [] actual finding

Type of material


Ref. sample














6.4 Function / Assembly check on 20 sub-samples: [ x ] positive [ ] negative

( Open and close 10 times per sub sample, such as zipper, umbrella, buckler and tent,

beach umbrella assembly etc.)

Non-function: 0 pieces

Not smooth operation: 0 pieces


- Nil









Evaluation of Manufacturing Capacity

We Perform an on-site check about factory's manufacturing capacity including the actual conditions of workshop, production line, machine equipment, workers’ skill, raw material, technology capacity, quality control system and so on.

Evaluation of Code of Conduct

According to client's or international current standard such as Ohsa18000 and SA8000, we will check the factory comply with the rules of local corresponding labor stipulations, such as environment, vocational health, safety, social obligation and etc.


Evaluation of Quality System

According to client's requirement or ISO9000 serial standard, we perform an assessment on the factory's quality management system and evaluate its quality assurance capacity.

Evaluation of Environment Control System

Examine plant's environment control system according to the requirements of client or ISO14000. Estimate influences on environment from products and productive process.



 *          Building Materials Inspection
Ceramics; Sanitary ware£¬Washing room and accessories; Floor, Tilt; Glass and wood products.

Hard goods Inspection
Hard goods Inspection:
Toys Inspection; furniture Inspection; giftware Inspection ; porcelain Inspection ; ceramic Inspection; promotional products Inspection; kitchen ware Inspection; sporting goods Inspection; crafts Inspection; Christmas items Inspection; premium Inspection; stationery Inspection; etc. 

 *          Toys Inspection
Hard goods Inspection:
Toys Inspection; furniture Inspection; giftware Inspection ; porcelain Inspection ; ceramic Inspection; promotional products Inspection; kitchen ware Inspection; sporting goods Inspection; crafts Inspection; Christmas items Inspection; premium Inspection; stationery Inspection; etc.

Fabric Inspection
Soft goods inspection:
Fabric inspection; garments inspection; home textile inspection; bedding products inspection; shoes inspection; bags inspection; sportswear inspection; caps inspection; etc.


Plastic Injection

Production Method: Injection Molding
Raw Materials: PE, PP, ABS, POM, PVC, Nylon and so on.

Metal Fabrication

Stamping, Casting, Machining, Forging, Plating, Coating, Grinding, Polishing, Threading, Painting, Welding and so on.

Tool and Die

Our tool and die shop can help you make tooling at reasonable price, the price will be much lower than your side. Of course, we'll keep secret of Design, no information will be out from us.

Handcraft, Kite and Gift

We also make handcraft and other promotion products, AD products.

Bag, Apparel and other textile products

We make different kinds of bag, apparel, and other textile products too.

Electrical/Electric Product Inspection
Home appliances Inspection ; electrical audio and videos Inspection ; lightings Inspection ; electrical vehicles Inspection ;parts Inspection ; remote control toys Inspection ; electrical tools Inspection ; beauty products Inspection ; etc.
Mechanical Inspection
Mechanical goods Inspection
Valve inspection; general machinery inspection; Mould inspection; pump inspection; machine element inspection; automobile parts inspection


Thanks to the high qualified engineering group, but also customer¡¯s full assistance,  soham buying house (india) is able to deliver excellent quality inspection service and able to execute tailored quality control program.



This is integrated program specifically designed for the needs of buyer who wishes to find suitable manufacturers, capable for marking the correct products, at the right price, with acceptable delivery dates and of acceptable workmanship, appearance and function.

When you need to buy some products from india, but do the know the suppliers, how to do? Just tell us your requirement, so we can find several factories who meet your Spec, and give you a detailed report. You can contact the factories directly or want us provide full trading agent services  

Information Requirement:

- Product Name
- Specification

Product Standard Required
- Quantity Desired
- Target Price
- Lead Time

 Quality inspections

Various types of inspections can benchmark your production to ensure an unbending control of your productions quality.

  • Preliminary inspection: our quality controllers meet the suppliers and establish technical datasheets in order to anticipate quality gaps and set the expected quality standards. The role of the quality department is to make sure that the vendor has understood and accepted the foreseeable quality issues.
  • Midline inspection: Control your production before the items are finalized so as to be able to highlight possible modifications and improvements and monitor the finishing and the packing stages.
  • Final inspection: Ultimate control of your production once it is completely finished and packed , to give our approval for shipment.
  • Packing inspection: our agent designs and tests the most relevant packing to protect your items.
  • Loading inspection: Control of your container and the way your products are handled and stuffed.

As soon as these inspections are carried out, inspection reports are prepared and signed by the vendor and our agent, and then sent to you with photographs within 24 hours.
These inspections are conducted according to the   international sampling procedures MIL-STD-105E which are equivalent to standards ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS6001, ISO 2859 and DIN40080. Thanks to these processes, our agents can define precisely the quotas of products which have to be inspected to ensure a reliable control and the number of pieces that need to be accepted if you want your shipment to respect the quality standards you set.

quality standards

Our inspections are conducted according to the international sampling procedures MIL-STD-105E, which are equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS6001, ISO 2859 and DIN40080 norms. Thanks to these processes, our agents can define precisely the quotas of products which have to be inspected to ensure a reliable control and the number of pieces that need to be accepted if you want your shipment to respect the quality standards you set.

According to the control level (I, II or III) and the size of the lot, the table hereunder defines a code letter to the inspected production (from A to R).


Once this code is defined, a certain number of items is inspected (from 2 to 2000) and acceptable quality levels are set according to the acceptance levels given by our customers.

1.2 Terms of payment

1.2.1 For an initial commercial deal, the payment will be carried out according to following terms:

  • 30% to be paid during the validation of the order.
  • 70% to be paid, at the latest, 72 hours before the submission of the report.

1.2.2 The customer can make the entire payment at the time of the order. This payment allows a discount of 5% on the total price.

1.2.3 The report will only be at the customer disposal after  soham buying house (India) has been paid in full for its services

1.2.4 These terms of payment can be modified at the request of the customer in the case of a regular business flow.

1.2.5 If the operation is cancelled on behalf of the customer less than 72 hours before the first inspection, the initial payments will not be refunded.

1.2.6 If the operation is postponed on behalf of the customer or for any reason unrelated to soham buying house  (India) the expenses resulting from this postponement will be handled by the customer.

1.2.7 In case of payment delay, a penalty of 10% will be required per month of delay


 MERCHANDISING and customer care

The merchandiser in charge of your production offers you a continuous and dedicated interface with soham buying house (India) and your suppliers. This person is responsible for the transmission of all necessary documents and will inform you of the progress of your production. Thanks to their experience, our merchandisers can anticipate and understand the requirements of a foreign customer in order to provide him clear and reliable information.

Production follow-up

Before we start the production itself, its processes must be planned by a senior manager aware of the technical and material constraints related to the objects and materials involved. For this reason every production is anticipated by the creation of production calendars and diagrams. Thanks to his experience, our production manager will also be charged with the production follow-up, raising the relevant questions to provide you the most accurate information.

Quality control

As a preliminary step, our quality controllers meet the suppliers and establish technical datasheets in order to anticipate quality gaps and set the expected quality standards. The role of the quality department is to make sure that the vendor has understood and accepted the foreseeable quality issues.

It is also imperative that our suppliers are able to contact us at any time if they need additional information or if unforeseen elements disturb the respect of our quality standards.

According to your needs and the level of control the product requires, a certain number of inspections will be carried out either by a senior quality controller  manager.

Logistic coordination

The logistical aspect is also anticipated before the beginning of the production through a meeting with your transporter, in order to take care of the necessary formalities as soon as possible. Thanks to the   of our customers, our employees know the customs specificities of the major importing countries.

Products development

To adapt our offers according to your needs and requirements, our agents have developed two kinds of production follow-up:

  • Quality follow-up: 4 inspections completed by a continuous supervision of your production.

Complete follow-up of your production also covering the logistical and administrative aspects.

  1.3 Cancellation and refunding

1.3.1 If an operation cannot be carried out for a reason unrelated to soham buying house (India) (cancellation of the order) or if the service has to be cancelled on the day of the operation because of some incorrect information provided by the customer or the supplier (production not terminated, festival, strike, curfew, riots or others), the expenditure incurred by IGH Agency will be paid by the customer.

2 Additional costs

2.1 Although soham buying house (India) is able to carry out its operations all over India, our rates only concern operations taking place in the following states

  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttaranchal

2.2 For any operation taking place in a state other than the ones described above, a second workday can be charged, and the transportation charges (train, plane) or other charges (hotel, restaurant) will be added. These additional costs can also be applied in the states described above if:

  • The factory is located in a city that is not accessible by train
  • The factory is further than 20 kilometers from the railway station
  • The journey from Delhi to the factory exceeds 6 hours
  • The transportation network does not permit a return journey on the same day

2.3 For samples development, the initial fixed price includes all the coordination process with suppliers from our office in Delhi and jodhpur. All the additional expenses (courier, packaging¦) and all the operations outside of the office will be charged according to the modalities of quality inspections, notably for man-day charges.

3 Responsibility

3.1  soham buying house (India) responsibility is to carefully consider all information provided by the supplier. Nevertheless,soham buying house (India) cannot be held responsible for erroneous or incomplete information provided by the inspected or audited companies, whether the error or omission is voluntary or not.

3.2  soham buying house (India) is responsible for the resources provided to ensure the services it took the commitment to handle. soham buying house (India) is committed in implementing all necessary resources described in the order.

3.3 The services of soham buying house (India) are carried out on the basis of the instructions provided by the customer and documents it transmitted. Soham buying house (India) is committed to making use of the aforementioned promptly. Nevertheless, soham buying house (India) cannot be held responsible if the information transmitted by the customer is erroneous or incomplete. All the information provided by the customer must be transmitted at least 72 hours before the day of the inspection.

4 Confidentiality

4.1 soham buying house (India) and the customer make the commitment not to reveal any information concerning either of the two companies involved or the type of services provided.

4.2 soham buying house (India) and the customer make the commitment to respect and protect authors rights on the products being handled.

5 Suspension or cancellation of the services

5.1 soham buying house (India) and the customer retain the right to suspend or cancel the services offered in the event of non-observance of the general conditions of sales defined by this document.

5.2 soham buyingm house(India) and the customer retain the right to suspend or cancel the services offered in the event of nonpayment or of bankruptcy of the one of the two parts.

Company and factory audits

Our factory audits are carried out either by a senior quality controller  . This agent is selected according to the profile of the audited company (items produced, size of the company...) and to your requirements (production quality, general organization...).

Our audit process relies on different criteria, which cover the main issues that will define the reliability and capacities of the company.

The Quality controlling …

  4. Once your order has been completed it is then our responsibility to follow up all production until everything is completed. This involves several trips to the suppliers to check on the progress of the order, following the completion of your order, the quality controlling process must then begin.

  5. This is central to our cause and one of the most important function we perform. As you may know the quality of products here in India can vary from supplier and it is therefore paramount to apply the same standards of quality control to all products


The packing &shipping…

   6. The next step is to prepare the finished items for shipping. This is another very important stage of the process.

  7. Soham buying house has an excellent reputation for care full and efficient packing. The planning logistics of packing begins directly after the order has been placed. The customers will need to know the approximate volume of the order so that the shipping cost can be determined. Most buyers often finalise their order according to the volume assessments we calculate.

8. Therefore careful thought and consideration need to go into just how items such as furniture items with their awkward shapes will fit along with the smaller handicraft items. Finally, after the shipment has departed from Jodhpur and within a matter of weeks we will send to you by courier all the relevant shipping documentation required for clearing with customs and excise.

Keeping your records…

 9. We keep a photographic record of all your previous purchases. All your transaction are stored on our network computer hard drives.

  10.Finally.... If you intend traveling to Jodhpur   or in india the near future and you need some practical advice...Why don't you email us?.. we would be happy to answer some of your questions.

  11. If you are already in Jodhpur or in any place  in india Please call in at our office in...we serve brilliant coffee too!

                                     Our quality standards?

                                                         How we test

1.   Products are tested independently from the manufacturer.

2.   Wood products are tested for a maximum 12% moisture allowance.

3.   Products are tested for standards of construction.

4.   Products are tested for standards of finish.

5.   Products are tested for safety.

                         Quality control is the key.

1.   The climate in Jodhpur(India) is tropical. It is therefore essential that wood products are properly kiln dried in order to eliminate cracking.

2.   As Buying Agents we have over 20 years of experience exporting products globally. We cannot emphasize enough, the importance of good quality controlling methods.





                              Photo studio

 We have a fully equipped studio available at your service.

·        The camera formats we offer are:

·         Digital: 35 mm: Medium format.

·        This facility enables customers to have their catalogues prepared & ready, weeks before the container delivery arrives in their country
   A brief Introduction to Indian handicraft…

  1. He origins of Indians handicrafts are buried deep in Hindu mythology, practiced for centuries by the inhabitants of Asia. The popular handicrafts of today originate from the religious affigies depicted in their traditional crafts.
  2. The emergences of Indians Handicrafts on the global market are governed by two factors.
  3. (1) The natural vegetation with it's abundant source of raw materials including supplies of replenish able tropical soft woods.
  4. . (2) The traditional carving skills of the Jodhpur’s& allover India crafts people.
  5. Today, with the exception of using modern tools and painting materials, the manufacturing methods in jodhpur (India) have changed little.

Please note:-

 1.The images & information on this e-mail are intended to express a clear, honest and accurate picture of the products and services represented.

 2.If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms on how to improve our presentations, we would be happy to hear from you.                          


Hidden treasure...

 Planning for successfully venture

     Whether you intend selling your product in a market stall or displaying exclusive design ware in a select area of your city, good buying strategy is one of the principal components. Your buying strategy is not only about the product ranges you choose but more importantly knowing the full potential of products available in India.
Therefore we recommend that you try to find where all the principal locations are situated

   Stage -1

Finding hidden treasures

(1)  Locate your suppliers
There are several principal locations for furniture, stone, Jewelry and Handicrafts. Please refer to our sourcing section 
(2) Don’t start to order anything until you have taken a “snap shot” of all the areas.
(3) Spend several days investigating in as many locations as possible. Arm yourself with a notepad and later a camera* Please note that snap shots should only be taken with the consent of the supplier. Take down as much information Possible about prices and sizes where later you can compare before making up your mind.
(4) Two prices are usually available at suppliers
The tourist price and the business price
Always ask for the “business price”
(N.B suppliers do not use the term wholesale price)
(5) Avoid ordering anything until you have a clearer picture of range and prices available, you may regret later finding another supplier further along the way with better products, finish and price.
A note on Tourist shops in the jodhpur area
Local tourist shops have a wealth of products to offer, and some are actually manufacturers. Our suggestion if you are interested in purchasing at the” business price”, ask if they have a factory. Always try to find the manufacturer.
(6) Always check with supplier the manufacturing lead time Supply time can vary from between several days to several weeks.

Stage -2

Setting your budget

1.     After you have completed your investigations a budget will need to be established. The next step therefore is to arrive at a “landed cost” value This will include your traveling expenses, the product cost plus the full shipping cost. You will need to approach a “cargo company and obtain a shipping quotation to your country
The next question is how much money would be required to send your goods.
Assuming you have chosen a 20 foot container
In our experience the cost can be anything from $4500 to $ 9000. Why such a difference? Furniture for example
has a high cost per item but take up a high volume per cubic meter and small handicrafts have a low cost value but it takes up far less volume per cubic meter. The smart buyer therefore if purchasing furniture will try to fill the gaps with with smaller items and use the handicrafts as accessories to the furniture ie A Dining room table would require matching table mats, fruit bowls etc.

  Stage  3

    One of the most important elements to consider is your buying      strategy

Making Your Order

Make sure the suppliers understand what you are ordering. Language differences often result in a supplier missing an important detail.
Tip* A good interpreter may prove to be invaluable and will increase your buying confidence.
A deposit payment to the suppliers will be required.
Have the necessary foreign currency exchanged before placing orders
when placing an order you should always receive a written invoice. Make sure that the Suppliers puts a completion date on the invoice.
It is also very important to know about any public holidays  during the time your order is being processed. For instance the holidays of    every seven months can cause the manufacturers delays of up to one week.
Tip. Ask the supplier to put the measurements on the invoice. This will enable you to determine the volume of goods ordered.
The supplier will need to know the shipping company responsible for collecting your order for packing preparation.
We suggest you photograph your order. Please note that it is considered very impolite to take photos without first placing an order

 In order to insure a good quality standard it is important to check your goods before paying suppliers

Stage 4

Collecting Your Order

. The fourth step: Collecting your order
In order to ensure a good quality standard you will need to check your goods before paying the suppliers.
In our opinion this is one of the most important parts of the buying process. The standard of quality can vary enormously from supplier to supplier.
It is a good idea to have some knowledge of the materials involved especially with wood products. There are many different kinds of wood, each variety is best suited to a particular type of product. Knowing the various properties of wood products is an advantage. For instance some wood products can tolerate a higher moisture levels than others. The minimum moisture content allowed is particularly important to avoid mold and cracking.

 Stage .5

 Shipping Your Order

All goods will need to be quality checked and paid for before the shippers can do their job.
Tip Some shippers will pay & collect the goods on your behalf but be warned they will not be held responsible for the quality.
The Shipping company will need a copy of the suppliers invoice in order to collect the goods

The biggest risk is about the buying strategy

A guide to buy in Jodhpur and allover India

Selecting your range

    You may be understandably cautious on your first buying expedition, you may try to play it safe and buy a bit of everything in the belief that on the next order one can purchase more confidently.. You may even visualize the possible makings of a strong range, and then defeat the whole exercise by buying one or a few of each item just to be on the safe side. The problem with this strategy is that it will leave you with nothing to measure the strength of a potential popular line.

Creating history or theme

Many first time buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer scale and variety of products available in India.

It is therefore important for each buyer to select or create a focused range of products without getting too distracted by so much choice. Our suggestions is to try to draw a story or product range out of so much diversity.

It is therefore possible to purchase different items from several suppliers with a similar theme running through the core of each item.

A range can be anything from the decorative, the ornamental or the functional. Its great if you can combine all three. For instance CD Racks and DVD Racks are popular soft wood items and there are many styles and colors available to choose from.

We suggest sticking to a similar matching color, texture or graphic. Too many different colors, textures and designs become too busy and create distraction. A similar theme running across the range will help to create strong visual impact and emphasize the CD storage theme. By telling a story you capture the imagination of your audience.
Animal themes such as cat wood carvings are very popular and in addition to selecting cats carvings try finding a cat bookend, a cat box, a cat calendar or lampshade base to match...
We suggest limiting the choice of size ranges. Too many choices on sizes can often confuse the customer. The sizes that you cannot sell will end up diluting the initial visual impact and eventually the unsalable product will have to be marked down to clear the range thus reducing your profit margin
Choosing value for money makes for obvious business sense. Certain styles of furniture and particularly handicrafts are available in many size formats and the size cost maybe be only marginally different, a small increases in material cost will take as much time to build.
Further to this some of our customers measure the amount of floor space a potential product is going to occupy, after taking the floor space limit into account the customer will opt for thin tall objects as opposed to a wide flat object which will ultimately take up less floor space.

Don’t just buy it because it’s nice

Too many buyers in our experience view products with their emotions” “Oh I just love that “ I’m sure it will sell”. Who can blame anyone for having such a reaction.
The use or misuse of the word “awesome” can surely be applied to some of the vast array of carvings executed by the best wood carvers on this planet.
The smart buyers we noticed will always strike discipline between money value and the aesthetic value. Choose something less ornate in the range but slightly cheaper because not as much work has gone into making the item and it will also cost less to your

Customer at the check out. Obviously in some cases the rule does not apply, a few stunning looking items with price tags to match can be purchased just to attract buyers. But one needs to exercise care as it won’t take very long for a potential customer to perceive that you are “too expensive

Patience is a virtue

Soham Buying Temperament East meets West
Village life is at the heart of the India temperament. Most of the principal   cities barmer, jaslmer such as desert cities are just larger extensions of village life.
For westerners arriving on the shores of India this in stark contrast to the subterranean world of metro subways, high rise dwellings, multiethnic diversity, data driven high-speed networks and spreadsheet flowcharts.
The western addiction to speed and efficiency really has little place in Indian life. Therefore further consideration should be taken into your buying strategy. In most cases orders are processed without any problems. However make some allowance for a margin of error to be built into every time frame. Factor in extended public or religious holidays
or communication problems either through language misunderstandings or delays in the suppliers obtaining raw materials. One of the golden rules of communication is never to raise your voice when misunderstandings or problems are encountered is considered the height of bad manners...and most Indian will go out of there way to “save face”in order to avoid confrontation .

Trading Agent services

We can work as your india trading agent, provide you full services, such as sourcing, arrange sample, contact the factory, production management, quality control, arrange shipment etc.

With these services, you do not need to set up your office in  india , we'll do all the works for you in india.

For cooperating suppliers, particularly during the implementation phase for a new supplier, it is important to have someone on site that can represent you and your interests. What we can do as following:

·        Initial meeting with suppliers to ensure client PO requirements are understood fully.

·        Ensure Raw materials are purchased and are available for production.

·        Project management reporting structure and scheduling to ensures that your product will be

·        produced as promised.

·        Quality Control is followed throughout the entire process: Incoming materials, Production line, Post-production. The supplier's equipment is properly calibrated during the production process. Should any of these items fall below your designated standards or fall behind schedule, we will notify you immediately before any disruption occurs to your supply chain. Additionally, we will work on your behalf with the supplier in order to make adjustments in your favor.

·        Organization of internal and third party lab testing.

·        Frequent liaison between suppliers, sub suppliers, and related parties:
- Raw material providers
- Printers, packaging
- Customs officials and customs brokers
- Engineering experts
- Warehousing

Services Price:
3%-5% of FOB price, but no less than USD800 per project/product.

Our services offering can be extended, adapted and developed to meet your requirement. we will work with you tightly to ensure your requirements can be impacted effectively.



We can help you have a successful business trip in India. Our services are Trip Route Design, Hotel booking, Meal, Car, Ticket, Translator Accompanying, Arrange Meeting, Office renting, etc.

Oversea clients do not need to worry about local accommodations, meals, transportation, interpretation, visas, and scheduling meetings on their own during the business trip to India. Be top will work with the customer before, during, and after the trip to ensure a smooth and prosperous india business experience.



Quality Inspection Services

Detailed Selling Lead Description

We are one of the leading Quality Inspection Company based in  india; currently we are rendering our services to some of the major players of textile industry in Europe & USA.

Quality is our benchmark. We provide products and services that are unmatched in the industry and aspire to be the major player in the textile sector with a commitment and teamwork that is overpowering. Our artistic aggression speaks according to our customers?requirements and that is what makes us unique and different.

We follow inspection standard " NFX 06.022 (MIL STD 105 D)" for all kind of textile & sports goods including sports/leather shoes but excluding Leather Garments; in our followed standard, 2.5% Major & 4% Minor defects are within tolerance limit for non-branded products and 1.5% Major & 4% Minor defects are within tolerance limit for branded products.

We also do factory audits as per client's requirement for Machines, Working Hours, and Ecological Procedures etc.

All inspections are done as per client's requirements and sample specifications, which include:

Garment Inspections:

Visual inspections
Quantity, packing & marking check
Color/shade check
Measurement check
Assortment check
Accessories, labeling & tagging check

Workmanship check as per customer's requirement

Fabric Inspections:

Quantity, packing & marking check
Material touch and feel
Color/shade check
Width check
Roll length verification with packing list
Piece length verification with packing list
Density per inch
Tensile strength
Piece length ratio check
Fabric grading as per customers requirement

If you have your orders running with india textile manufacturers then we would like to offer our services at the most competitive price.



Production and Quality Control

Every order of a specific type must be despatched within the prescribed delivery time. To achieve this, we keep a close watch on the production planning and critical path of the factories so as to anticipate problems that may arise and found solution in time.

Quality Assurance
An action plan to meet your expectations.

 SBH International Trading Ltd, as textile agents, our work philosophy demands a role much more dynamic,competent and personal than merely being your representative office here. All our textile manufacturers and textile suppliers have their own standards of quality apart from sticking to those prescribed by us,the textile agents or by the buyer.

Some of the key features of our quality assurance approach are as follows:


During bulk production and sampling,regular and meticulous supervision of the process by our skilled staff is ensured at every step to avoid any discrepancy between the actual product and the approved sample .

Quality Control Tests
At  soham buying house (india) , we utilize the latest technology,most reliable,and well-equipped testing sources to conduct the required quality tests on the product .If desirable,we also outsource the tests to renowned international testing agencies like SGS.

Buyers Regular Updates
We keep periodic records of the production status and email by attachement the reports to buyers as frequently as they wish .Bulk production samples are also sent upon buyers' request.

Final Quality Inspection Report
A final quality inspection is carried according to buyers AQL level and a clearance certificate issued. The quality report is sent to the buyer for approval prior to shipment upon request.

Some Mandatory QC Checks
The quality control tests usually include but are not limited to the following:

Knitted Apparel

·        Quality

·        Packing & Markings check material feel & touch

·        Measurement check

·        Assortment check

·        Access labelling & tagging check

·        Workmanship check as per customer specification

·        Product safety requirement ( Metal Detector )

Workmanship check as per customer's specification

·        Count of yarn

·        Weight per square meter

·        Light fastness

·        Shrinkage after first third wash

·        Dimensional stability

·        Wash fastness







Our main objective is to have a thorough knowledge of our sourcing markets in order to provide you with continued assistance in your purchasing operations. We continuously keep you informed of new developments by repeatedly assessing the potential of our regular suppliers and selecting appropriate cost with respect to Code of Conduct & Ethics.

Change is at the core of the research activities and we endeavor for the shortest possible delivery time.

We keep at your disposal an updated collection according to trends showing the quality and technical possibilities of our pool of suppliers in the region.

We visit our customers several times a year to keep in close touch with their requirements and markets.


Our aim is to ensure that each of your orders is delivered within the specified time and in conformity with your requirements.

We take in charge the following operations
Checking the conformity of all types of samples.

Follow-through of orders
After supply and confirmation of all relevant details, i.e. colours, measurements, labels, packing assortment, sales contract, payment terms, etc.

Follow-through of production and despath of orders
Survey of timely arrival of raw materials and accessories, supervision of various stages of production, checking the shipping and airfreight schedules, control of documents and monitor shipments until final destination of each of your orders.

To achieve this
A tailormade software for our computer network and video conferencing which enables us to closely monitor the whole process and deadlines of your orders.

Skilled personnel structured in teams, headed by team leaders and each one of them handles a portfolio of customers. This assures you a personalised attention for all your requirements



We have factory in india. can make products for the client, such as bag, handcraft, metalware etc, the price is reasonable.

Assembly/ Packing

To protect your sensitive information, such as packaging, branding, pricing, exposed at shipping(end user & order size) etc. To avoid others replicate your special products/information. To avoid some supplier become your competitor in future. We can provide a firewall for your business in india.

Our factory also can work as your Assembly/Packing center in  india. The services are In-bound QC, Warehousing, Assembly & Packing, Out-bound QC, Arrange shipment etc.



Our professional partner  sohamDZYN can work with you through the internet for daily work. With these services, it seem that you hire some indian staff, of course, the salary is much lower than you side. Please visit  sohamDZ for more information. The services as below:

*Daily office work:
We can work with you for some daily office work via the internet.

We can help you do some translation work. Translate English to Hindi or local language, Translate Hindi to English, or other language via Internet.
The price is about USD15-USD30 per one thousand words.

*Flash/Graphic design:


We can design flash/graphic for you, such as Logo, product picture and flash.

*Web site translation services:
In order to develop your business in the world, it's a good idea to translate your website to other language. we can help you translate your website to Chinese.

*Multimedia CD-Rom Development:
Develop name card shape multimedia CD, introduce your company, products, services with video/audio. Pass it to your client and impress your client.

*Any other question or services you want us work with you via the internet, please send us email for further discussion.


Unlike most companies, Our partnersohamDZYN   do NOT use pre-fabricated templates. We build original, fully customized designs for each project; and instead of having pre-priced packages, we work on a one-on-one system; where a person - not an automated system - will gather information about you and your project and will help you with your questions.

A completely custom Web site solution built to your exact business needs.

·        You'll work directly with an experienced designer who will recommend ways to help you succeed online.

·        You choose the number of pages, the structure, navigation and graphics to fit your needs.

·        Work one-on-one with a professional Web designer and develop a Web site that meets your specific needs

·        You can include features like Flash Animation and database capabilities. Get all the expertise you need in one place, including Web site organization, copy, design, programming and online marketing

·        If you can dream it, our designers can build it!

There is no such thing as a "too small" or "too big" project for us. We serve from starting online businesses, all the way to well-established organizations. Our web designing services cover everything you may need:

·        Domain names

·        Web design and development

·        Web hosting

·        Customized web graphics and logos

·        Search engine placement

·        Pay-per-click programs

·        Web Site Analytics

·        Web ranking

·        Page View Counter

·        Traffic Reports

·        Site Performance Monitor

·        Web Site Utilities

·        Guestbook, Boards

·        Electronic shopping cart

·        Customized integrated databases

·        Online Marketing

·        Web maintenance

·        Web site translation services

·        ... ...

Web site design services price:

- USD100 for 5 pages
- USD200 for 10 pages
- USD300 for 20 pages
- USD350 for 30 pages
- USD500 for 60 pages
- If More than 60 pages, USD500 + USD6/page
(Pay one time, you'll own the site forever, not same as other company collet money every year!)

Web site translation services:
In order to develop your business in the world, it's a good idea to translate your website to other language. we can help you translate your website to  india

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Q do you need quality inspection service?

A Quality Control is the key to get high quality and compliant products from suppliers or factories.

Quality Control can significantly reduce the risk of low quality and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimize the risks associated with loading, storage and transportation by getting informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays.

Product inspection can make sure contractual obligations are met with regard to specification, packaging, marking and delivery.

Product inspection provides you with valuable product information, such as quantity, quality defects, and defect severity level for your decision of accepting or rejecting product.

Loading supervision lets you know when and how your products are loaded at loading site. We check the lot for quantity, markings and carton conditions. We also randomly select samples from the cartons for identifying the products and preventing substitution.